Connect with Maureen

Connect with Maureen on key ALA issues for 2011 -2013. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with Maureen and she will have a chance to reply to the community via this interactive forum. We want to hear from you!

2 Responses to Connect with Maureen

  1. I just connected all the dots here at conference in San Diego. Congrats on your nomination. You would be wonderful for ALA. How can I help your candidacy? Would love to connect with you again. I’m still in Harford County.

  2. Laura Tull says:

    Dear Maureen,
    Congratulations! I was in your Tall Texan class of 2010. Don’t know if this relates to your agenda for the year but I think it would be wonderful if the Library world had an official stamp of approval (perhaps our symbol of person reading a book) that could be placed on websites that we designate as authoritative similar to the BBB symbol for Better Business Bureau various other symbols out there. I’m not an ALA member any more, just TLA so don’t know if there is any committee, etc. working on something like this but it would be of great help for library instruction purposes and for users.

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